Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Parent Support = Student Success

One of the most important factors in a student's success is their parent(s).  Showing support for your child's education leads to success in school and a positive attitude regarding learning.  Here are some important ways you can support your child and motivate him/her to do well.

Talk about learning

  • Take an interest - Showing  an interest in what your child is learning at school shows that you believe what they are doing is important.
  • Find real-world connections - Look for activities to connect what your child is studying in school.
Support Homework

  • Be a resource - Ask students to explain homework to you.  This helps them remember and focus on what needs to be done.  If they get stuck, ask questions rather than giving  answers.  When studying for a test, offer to quiz them, make flash cards etc.
  • Set the stage - Find a quiet location for students to study and complete homework.
  • Afterschool Program - Need help in this area?  Genesee schools provide assistance Monday - Thursday for homework assistance.  
Create Routines
  • Read aloud daily - Choose a variety of materials, including fiction/nonfiction, magazines, and poetry.  Don't forget the classic nursery rhymes as well.
  • Plan a healthy lifestyle.  - Good nutrition  provides energy to do well academically.
Communicate with the school
  • Update your information - Has your contact information changed since the beginning of the year?  Check that your updated address, phone numbers and email addresses are on file.
  • Participate in events - Consider joining the PTO or attending special events.  You should be receiving those invites home from your teacher(s) throughout the year.
Set expectations
  • Communicate what you expect.  Example: "I expect you to finish your homework before you watch TV".
  • Be realistic. Set reasonable times for students study, read etc.  Ask your child's teacher what is reasonable based on their age.
  • Make attendance a priority.  Good attendance is one of the most desirable work traits for employers.  Attending school and being on time are teaching your children that punctuality is important.