Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Club: "Schools Cannot Do It Alone"

The Genesee Joint School District Board of Education and Administration has begun reading “Schools Cannot Do IT Alone”, by author Jamie Vollmer. The story is one of a businessman’s journeys working with the public education system and his transformation from harsh critic to advocate of America’s public schools.

Mr. Vollmers experiences in public education over the last twenty years have led him to two important discoveries. First, public education has a system problem not a people problem. That in order to obtain the graduates we need, we must be willing to change the system of how we deliver instruction. Secondly, we cannot change the system without touching the culture of the community; everything that goes on inside a school is tied to local attitudes, values, traditions and beliefs of the community in which it resides.

In "Schools Cannot Do It Alone", Mr. Vollmer presents a practical plan to increase student success. Vollmer’s community-based program, called “The Great Conversation” provides instructions and suggestions to tackle the major obstacles to school improvement. "Schools Cannot Do It Alone" also includes an expanded version of the famous “Blueberry Story,” and the latest update of “Vollmer’s List.” This exhaustive review of the responsibilities heaped upon the nation’s public schools over the last hundred years proves that our schools are no longer being told to” just teach” America’s children.

If you would be interested in reading a copy of the book or joining us in a discussion about the book, please contact Mrs. Moore, Superintendent at 208-285-1161.

Book Information:

Vollmer, Jamie (2010). Schools Cannot Do It Alone. Enlightenment Press.

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