Monday, February 22, 2016

Safety is our Priority

Dear Parents & Community Members,

In followup to the events of last week where the school district was put into Closed Campus.  I would like to explain the difference between a Closed Campus/ Lock Out and a Lock Down, which may help clarify a few questions and concerns.


1.  Closed Campus/ Lock Out:  (This is what happened last Thursday)

District is notified by the Sheriff's Department that there is a concern somewhere in the nearby vicinity of the district, and they are recommending the district "Lock Out" or go into "Closed Campus".  There is no known threat to students or staff during this period of time. The district then secures the building, by locking all exterior doors. Classes operate under normal schedules, with the exception of any outside activities.  All students will remain indoors at all times.  No visitors, guests or parents are allowed into the building during this period of time. The Sheriff's department notifies the district when we can open campus. This is a precautionary measure taken by the District as advised by the Sheriff's Department.

2. Lock Down: 

District has been notified that there is a  possible threat to the safety of the school district. Lock Down's may be initiated  by Administration and/or the Sheriff's Department.  The district will notify all staff that the district is in Lock Down and all exterior doors and classroom doors are locked and secured. Students will not be allowed to leave their classroom and/or building. Procedures are in place to address any classes that may be outside or off campus.  No visitors, guests or parents will be allowed into the building during this period of time.  We will notify parents and/or guardians as soon as we have secured the building and will give updates as they become available.  We will remain in lock down regardless of time of day, until the all clear is given by the Sheriff's Department.

Your child's safety is our first and foremost concern. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or 208-285-1161.

Mrs. Wendy Moore